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The Oath Podcast educates military personnel, veterans and their dependents on critical issues that affect their daily lives.

Proudly Serving All Branches of Military

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Selected to empower, inspire, and educate you and your family

VA / DOD Healthcare & Social Programs

General information, financial assistance, housing & community living options, and more.

Military VA / DOD Healthcare & Social Programs​

Mental Health
Resources &

HIPAA and military regulation, community-based clinic info, confidential help with communities and more.

Military Mental Health Resources & Awareness​

Discussions on
Current/Pending Legislation

Examination and discussion of policies that affect military and veteran communities in both positive and negative ways.

Non-Partisan Discussions on Current/Pending Legislation​


Financial planning, employment guidance, business development, community resources and more.

Transition Preparedness

VA Claims & Appeals Process

Compensations and pensions info, how to file VA claims, general appeals information, and more.

VA Claims & Appeals Process

VA Benefits
Q&A by a Trained Service

Submit your questions to, with “VA Question” in the subject line.
VA Benefits Q&A by a Trained Service Officer​