About Us

Get to know the hosts and the heart of The Oath Podcast.

About the Hosts

Justin Rich

Justin is a medically retired Army veteran who has dedicated his life after service to advocating and educating his fellow veterans. He has held positions withing the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, and several private nonprofit organizations.

One of his greatest accomplishments post service was working with Florida Veterans for Common Sense. During his time there Justin assisted in the drafting, lobbying, and creation of Florida’s veteran treatment court and prison dorm programs. He also assisted in the creation of these programs in Illinois and California.

Justin is now in the process of forming his own nonprofit organization in Tacoma, WA called Bold Enough, where he intends to help the families of veterans and first responders pay for funerals as a result of suicide.

Jesse Puryear

Jessie retired after serving 22 years in the US Navy.  He served in both the Enlisted and Officer ranks in Naval Nuclear Power.  After retirement, Jessie worked for the Federal Government at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard monitoring the occupational radiation exposure for the nuclear workforce involved in the repair and refueling of nuclear vessels.

Jessie is the current owner of Urban Float University Place, a float therapy spa.  He started floating while on active duty and immediately realized it had tremendous potential to help those suffering from anxiety, PTSD, and chronic pain.  His goal is to get floating covered by insurance so that anyone can reap the benefits and reduce the use of narcotics and pharmaceuticals in our lives.

About the Podcast

Our Mission

The Mission of the Oath Podcast is to educate military personnel, veterans, and their dependents on critical issues that affect their daily lives. Frequent topics will include discussion on current VA and DOD healthcare/social programs, Transition preparedness, mental health resources/awareness, VA claims/appeals process, and non-partisan discussions on current or pending legislation that may or may not be in the best interest of veterans and military personnel.

On a regular basis we will also have a regular trained service officer on the show to answer all veterans questions in regards to VA benefits so it is encouraged to submit all questions beforehand to info@oathpodcast.com Please put “VA Question” into the subject line or your email may not be read.